2013 in review…part 1

Starting this blog post is interesting. One of the things I wrote in the last couple of posts was, I recall, about writing more often. That was 3rd August and now we are a few days from the end of 2013. Hmmmm….the year seems to have sped by, although during many days in the second half of the year it felt like an arthritic tortoise swimming through molasses…frozen molasses at that. And then I turned around and it was Christmas.

The end of a year always makes me reflective. It’s difficult to say overall if it was a good or a bad year, there are always high and low points to every year. 2012 had its good points, but they were overshadowed by the bad times. This year has had more good points with its fair share of frustration. I finally got a new job, probably just after the last blog post. Technically I was meant to start the day before my birthday in September…well, that kind of didn’t happen. And still hasn’t. Now I am starting handover to my replacement on 13 January 2014. For a week. Then I have two weeks leave booked, and start my new role on 3rd February. I am worried (natural state) about the amount of backlog work that I have to get through. It was impossible to deal with that and get the job done during the last four months of the year. So good point one, I have a new job & with a great team.

Close friends had a baby girl on 25 July 2013. She turned 5 months old on Christmas Day and Milly is a delight. Milly cuddles make things better. That’s good point number two.

Michelle and James are together at last in Florida, I got the verandah roof fixed and a new fence, my parents have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and Dad is doing well health-wise. More good things. I don’t want to dwell on the other things…some of them are out of my control (HR policy, workloads etc) and some of them are in my control and I slipped (too much chocolate, too much coffee, not enough sleep & exercise).

So this time is for reflecting on what worked (the only goals I set, where I thought about the actual outcomes, were to see more of friends and family and get a new job! I achieved those for the most part – just should have been more specific on starting the job) and what didn’t…fitness/health, money, and enough sleep. Tomorrow is time for planning 2014 and focusing on more of the positives…that is why this is part one! more to follow…

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