Things I have learnt recently

So much for my promise to myself to post more often. Life as usual has gotten in the way. There have been some big disappointments, a wonderful new addition, and lots of lessons.

I had at least two big things planned for this year – a new job opportunity and a trip to Wimbledon with Mum. Dad being unwell meant that Mum and I were both reluctant to leave him for a month and we cancelled the trip. I applied and gave 110% to my application for a new role at work and didn’t get the job. What did I learn? Focus on little things – don’t just pin your hopes on the big things that you give a lot of energy to for years. Constantly review your goals, aim high but don’t expect…expectations lead to disappointment. I was disappointed about the trip but we got a full refund on the airfares and we both felt it was the right thing to do. The job failure knocked me sideways. I guess it is only to be expected. I have always been successful in job applications, I was very nervous in the interview and the other person was the better applicant for the job since she is already in that area. It has made me question myself and my abilities. I have just completed my application to be the new manager’s replacement in her substantive role. I will submit it tomorrow. I expect nothing.

There are positive things in this world to look forward to…close friends just had a gorgeous, tiny little girl. A beautiful, wondrous bundle of joy. Aunty Lesley is besotted. And I got to spend time with my nephew, now 16, and see how much he has grown up recently.

I have sent out some random acts of kindness, supported some friends who are having difficult times, spent time with family…life goes on, up and down, it goes on…and there is always wine!

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