Number 1 priority

This last week or so has taught me a valuable lesson. I need to make myself and my health the number one priority in my life. It’s obvious, not just to me, that I was not only burning the candle at both ends but also in the middle.
Now I don’t mind being busy…but working 10+ hours a day, not eating properly, not exercising and putting lots of other people first has taken a toll. I would normally have shaken off this cold in a couple of days, not ended up with bronchitis for a week or more.
It has forced me to rest, drink enough water, take my vitamins.
So what now…I don’t know what my priorities will be but it seems a good time to start. Especially since I am being treated to a massage and facial tonight by a friend as an early birthday present. Other than that…enough sleep will do as a starting point, and drinking more water.

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