The quickest way forward is to stop.

Well sometimes it is. When you develop bronchitis and keep pushing yourself to get better quickly. When you get up and go to work on a Tuesday morning only to be told to go home again and rest.

Unfortunately the body heals at the rate it heals. Looking after yourself helps during these times. So I did come home today, have a lie down (because I didn’t realise how much getting dressed and getting to work would take out of me), and then snuggled on the couch with the cats. I have inhaled steam with eucalyptus oil, drunk about 2 litres of water, stayed warm, had soup, taken my antibiotics…and I am over it. I caught a cold last week which was a bad cough, on Thursday. It’s now Tuesday and I’m still coughing.

At least I had the sense to go to the doctor’s. A couple of friends pointed out that I was/am run down. That this isn’t the first time I’ve been sick this year. I have been working long hours, worrying about everyone else, and burning the candle at both ends. Okay…I’ve acknowledged that. Agreed with them. And now I have to work out a way forward.

I have tried to just sit with this while I am sick. I know it’s my body’s way of yelling at me to stop and rest. So I am…albeit somewhat grumpily. And I have not been planning or organising. I’ve just been…letting myself heal. Watching that I don’t get too down. I could be knitting, organising my next 5 year plan, preparing for the job interview I hope is coming up soon. Saving the world 😉 I do need to do those things. Just not right now. I did call my aunty today to check in with her – that was important. She is coping okay althought she is sad. I wish I could take that sadness away but I can’t.

I need to stop worrying about everything and everyone else. Well, more than is necessary. I need to get enough sleep, let myself heal and work out a way forward. For the moment, that means dinner, tv, rest and letting the future unfold for a little while on its own.

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