When life has other plans…

What I thought was just a cold turned out to be bronchitis…I actually did go to the Dr today to find out what was wrong because I knew it had gone beyond a common cold. Mainly because I coughed so much last night on going to bed I got worried. Irrationally worried. “I’m afraid to go to sleep” – type scared. I read a whole book, snuggled under the blankets and realised it was because this time last year my uncle was in hospital with pneumonia. Some little gremlin in my brain was connecting my coughing with that and I was worried I wouldn’t wake up.
Obviously I did wake up…had a massive coughing fit and decided I really should just go to the GP. I’m not THAT kind of Doctor…as is pointed out to me sometimes. I usually think the Dr will say there is nothing wrong with me…I went through a lot of antibiotics last year with several colds and bugs. But sometimes you just need to face up to needing drugs to get rid of this particular bug.
I think the best advice was from the pharmacist’s assistant – mega doses of vitamin C, lots of water, take the antibiotics and bed rest.
I’m not that good about being told to rest. A few people have mentioned it…I pushed myself to go over to my aunty’s for dinner. Given this is the anniversary of that weekend Uncle Norman was hospitalised, I didn’t want to let her down. But I think tomorrow needs to be a day of bed rest.
Maybe that will give me thinking time…maybe I should stop thinking and just let myself heal…

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