Dreams interrupted, sad news and why I say “I love you”

Yesterday began as a normal day at work…coffee, working hard, minor frustrations. On Wednesday we had a new person start – finally – which helps with the continuing high workload. I struggled yesterday in little ways…I was training someone and trying to get my own work done, I was tired (my own fault for never getting enough sleep) and I was wondering what to do on the weekend.

I was still a little flat at having to cancel my trip with Mum to Wimbledon. Dad had developed a chest infection and Mum was worried about him. We decided to cancel…and luckily Qantas refunded the whole price of the tickets. Hopefully next year we will be luckier with the ballot for tennis tickets and Dad will be healthier. Lots of people have suggested I go somewhere else but I am not sure I want to. Still thinking about it. I think we made the right decision, I feel better being closer to Mum and Dad if it’s going to be a cold winter. So I have struggled the last few weeks with adjusting to the changed plans and needing to set some new goals. But back to my reality check at work…

An email flashed up in the corner of my screen and my heart filled with sadness. Last year in August, a colleague in another area was hospitalised with a mystery virus. She was in ICU and we didn’t know if she would live. I never found out if they worked out what caused it. M worked in a different area of the university but I have had regular contact with her for many years. There was hope she would come out of it…at one stage they took her off life support and she was out of ICU. I thought of her, prayed for her and her daughter and family. I hadn’t heard much in a while. I had thought of her earlier this week, trying to think who I could contact in her area to find out what was happening.

I stopped and read the email. A friend had written to some of us that she had heard they were switching off the life support. I feel for her family. It would be the most difficult decision anyone wold ever have to make. I feel for her young daughter. I know how much M loved her, putting her before everything else. I don’t know anything more. The world seems a cruel place.

Last night’s thunderstorm meant staying home, snuggling in a warm house with the cats and thinking. There was nothing I could do to console Aggie about the thunder, but at least it distracted me. I look for little things to do to make other people happy…which in turn cheers me up. A couple of parcels are prepared. I will make some cards, plan for happier times to come.

And remember why I always tell those I care about that I love them. Life can change in an instant. Appreciate every moment, hug people as much as you can, and always, always tell people you love them.

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