Life 2.0 continued…

A meeting with my mentor today over coffee…mainly a quick catch up, but now we have a catch-up scheduled for the rest of the year every six weeks or so. There was a lot she didn’t know. We discussed the new job opportunities on the horizon, my handover as acting manager, the reasons I won’t be continuing as acting manager…

When I hesitated about applying for the new Manager position that’s coming up, she stopped me. I had started to think that maybe the other position would be better (easier maybe)…she insisted I should go for the manager’s job.

Today’s other news…I can see how I need to do handover within a set period of time, which I think Clare will want anyway…so I am aiming to have it all done by the end of the next two weeks so that I can focus on getting my normal job under control and stop stressing about it…at the moment I’m still doing a job and a half. It’s the interruptions that get me…it’s almost constant…And it is hard to focus on anything (like writing and planning) when you don’t get home until after 8pm.

On the upside, a good friend is out of surgery, I’ve started reading one of the many time management books I bought last year, and I am home and in my pyjamas.

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