Life 2.0

Today I feel the transition starting…it felt exhilarating during the day…now I don’t know if I’m sad, scared, happy or just over-tired. Probably all of that and more. Change is always unsettling.

The new Acting Manager has started at work. I like her already…a lot! And I don’t think my boss is going to know what’s happened. Hell, I don’t…she already has me focusing on the new job, saying no to things and we haven’t finished handover yet. 

And now come some moments of truth…what next? It’s February and there is no personal planning or management in writing…I wrote a note to myself on Facebook last night, a private one as I had a thought after I had turned off the computer. Why am I avoiding writing a journal article or two? Am I afraid that the PhD actually did take everything I had? What if there is nothing more? I am scared. Afraid to find out…and afraid I will regret it if I don’t.

I have had encouragement to think about what I REALLY want to be doing. I am still thinking…I will work it out. What does my intuition say? Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Do what is right for you…Freudian slip, I started to type “write”. Maybe that’s the answer. It’s certainly what got me back out of bed to start this post that has been swirling around my head for two days.

Mainly…Doc wants her mojo back…I just can’t figure out where I left it…


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2 Responses to Life 2.0

  1. A pretty common affliction – it’s called fear of success! You can do it, just start… 🙂

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