More baby steps…

Sometimes I wonder if there is an alternative universe with the version of me that made every decision correctly at the right moment. The perfect version of me…who exercises every day, is always beautifully dressed, never procrastinates, always says the right thing at the right time…
Sometimes I wonder if I could find the Tardis keys and locate this Lesley, what would I say to her? What could she tell me? Is it better or is it boring? Where is she in her life?
What is it I want to know? Do I want to be her? So many questions…why do I still plan but not implement? I need to hold MYSELF accountable…in a gentle way, for moving forward…
I have the exercise plan now, i just need to do it.
I had a wonderful late night conversation with a friend…helped me to refocus on what I really want to be doing. And a lovely reminder that everything is okay…right in this moment, all is okay.
Time to remember that this Lesley is amazing just the way she is…stop tangling the threads and move forward. One step at a time…

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