London, Paris, New York…now what?

I realised recently that I had actually achieved the goals I set myself over the last 10 – 15 years (I did find an old list while clearing out some papers). In particular the goals I had over the last 6 years or so…almost 15 years ago this year I moved to London and lived there for two years…I visited Paris briefly for a weekend (and I want to go back). Last year I made it to New York and it was FABULOUS! What I’ve found since I got home has been a lack of direction, an inability to focus on ‘what next?’

Since 2006 my goals were to get a new car (mine was 20 years old), finish my PhD, and go to New York. Tick, tick, tick….all done! And now I see my grandmother’s wisdom…when I visited her in 1994 for Christmas in North Wales, she asked before I left what my next big goal was. She reminded me that we always need something to look forward to and be working towards. And what I have learned since is that little things to look forward to are just as important as the big dreams.

In an ideal world, I would head back to the US for three weeks this year and have a fabulous time (and refrain from injuring myself)…in the world as it stands, I need to work on the house and get some things done here.  So my little goals are on turning my house into more of a welcoming home and seeing my family and friends more…the next big goal – well, Mum and I decided we should stop waiting to win the lottery and go to Wimbledon next year!

We’ve both committed to it and started saving, and I love discussing the possibilities of what we can do and see…the idea I floated of a couple of days in Paris went down well. I wonder if she’d like New York?

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