Weeding the garden

An interesting thought was just triggered by something I read…I know I have been very negative lately with the place that I am currently in. I’m refocusing on my life and dealing with a couple of challenges. The negative self talk has to stop if I am to find the joy and happiness in my life – get some new things to look forward to and have some fun!

So I need to weed this garden I am creating of negative thoughts and plant positive ones. Get rid of the malicious joy-thiefs. Like any garden, this is an ongoing project. I will look for the positive interpretation of events. Focus on what I can give. Listen more. Do more. Help more. Plan the good things into everyday. Reconnect with the people that are important in my life.

What gives me joy? Being with friends & family, travel, making my house into a home, helping people, laughter, snuggling with the cats, good books, bubble baths, coffee…

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