This game called life…

unfortunately lacks an instruction manual, shiny game pieces and fun prizes! We have to figure out the instructions and rules for ourselves, decide on our own prizes. My rules are simple ones – don’t hurt anyone else, be a good friend, be kind, and read as much as you can.

This last week has been challenging. I’ve thought a lot – through a tangle of emotions and a fog of unknowing. What I seem to be is burnt out after finishing the PhD. There has been little, if any, respite from work and I’ve lost motivation over so many things. The mud I have been slogging through felt like it dried – setting like concrete, impeding me from moving forward.

My neighbour pointed out to me that I was frowning – and this was when she was offering to mow my back lawn. I must have come across as a completely ungrateful bitch. However, the sun was shining and when I got back from my walk to the shop, she came over and while she mowed, I raked and swept. Then we sat and had a cup of tea. She smacked me for not talking to her on Tuesday. And reminded me that there are worse things that could be happening. She is right.

I have my family & friends, the house, my cats, a well-paying (albeit stressful) job, chocolate, wine…And I realised something. I need to think a bit less about the bigger picture at the moment and get on with things. Cross lots of things off my “to-do” list. Each one makes me feel better. Get more fresh air and sunlight. Eat properly. Sleep. Have fun!

I’m writing a few new rules into the instruction book for this game – my rules! Work smarter and harder! Schedule in some fun! Enjoy each day. And appreciate and keep in touch with my friends – they are worth their weight in gold and precious jewels.

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