I left work this evening feeling tired, overwhelmed and unfocused. There is so much to do and it’s a challenge to negotiate a different role with new timelines, new tasks and people wanting decisions ALL the time. Well, perhaps it just feels like all the time. Perhaps it is just having other people tell me how busy they are which triggers that feeling of me being overwhelmed. Knowing I am not allowed to retort sarcastically, because I’m the boss! Quite frankly, some people do not understand what “busy” really means.


I promised myself I would stop using that word…so the universe has presented me with someone who overuses it. If I look for the lesson here, I can see that being negative and focusing on negative emotions affects yourself AND the people around you. So I can make a deliberate choice to not engage with that behaviour. To not take it on myself, and also not to project it myself. I may not be perfect at it, but I will be aware and seek to improve it. Choices.


The positive things that happened today: hugs from a gorgeous man šŸ™‚ and being told that I am doing a good job as manager! Helping the office to pull together on a big job. Buying a birthday present for a friend. Knowing the cats missed me when I was away (that may be cupboard love).


Centreing myself, focusing and moving forward!


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4 Responses to Overwhelmed

  1. andybutt says:

    Stick at it Lesley, you are probably doing a far better job than you think. Focus on the positives and soon, even you will have to admit, you are brilliant at what ever you set your mind to do!

  2. Michelle says:

    You know…I have stopped using the word “Try”…Harder than it seems…but i agree that focusing on the positive things and thoughts brings more positive things into focus…funny that!! Love your work!!

    • I am working on not using the word “try” or the word “busy” however I am now contemplating spending most of Easter at work as I feel I am sinking and losing control. Focusing on the positive does help…

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