I believe…

in the Loch Ness monster

that a glass of wine is sometimes the answer, but chocolate will do just  as well (and vodka is always a suitable alternative)

that you can feel achingly homesick for places that were once home, are home now or that you are yet to visit

that time with good friends refreshes the soul in a way nothing else can – albeit through the phone, internet, mail, facebook in this increasingly busy time

that my brownies are awesome…and I should make more soon

that I hate the word “should”

that regrets are a waste of time and emotion – but if am going to regret something, it will be something I did, not something I neglected to do…

that when you mend a broken heart…and they do heal…you glue them back together and they are bigger and stronger…

that we should be careful of other people’s feelings…and even more careful of our own…

What do you believe?  To be continued…

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7 Responses to I believe…

  1. Mark says:

    What do I believe? I believe I’ll have another chocolate brownie 🙂

  2. andybutt says:

    I believe that I should always consider the effects my actions have on others before deciding whether to do something or not. I also believe I’d quite like a chocolate brownie!

    • Andy…you used the “s” word…although I have also been using it and I like that advice although I don’t always use it. “Busy” is also a word I don’t like much right now…

      • andybutt says:

        Lesley, you trained as a Psychologist (well at least mostly)! If you can eliminate qualifiers completely (a vast majority anyway) from your writing you will be doing very well indeed.

        In conclusion I feel that while differences between the two groups were significant more study should be done in this area to more rigorously test the hypothesis of his study which appeared to show that… Even 20 odd years later I can’t stop (well not all the time at least). 🙂

  3. I qualified as a psychologist Andy! Doesn’t mean I’m any more sane than the next person (if you are reading this on the train, you are highly likely to be more sane than the next person).

    I am not good at eliminating qualifiers. I am not all that good at managing other people’s behaviour as I am finding out.

    • andybutt says:

      My point exactly! Managing others, the trick is to make their personal goals meet your work goals. Then point out how doing as they are told is helping them achieve what they want and how much you are willing to do to help mentor them to get to that goal – least that works for me most of the time!

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