Embracing change…

I’ve noticed a difference in how life flows…I’m embracing all the changes and saying “yes” to more positive things. Yes to running part of a workshop tomorrow, yes to the new role at work where I feel overwhelmed but excited by the challenge…instead of “no” to everything because I had to make the PhD a priority over everything else.


“Yes” is a good word…brimming with positivity…but I am mindful of saying it too much and overwhelming myself with too much to do. I like to do what I do well. I’ve accepted that I won’t (read “can’t”)  do the work role the same way as the person I am acting for. We are different people. So I’ve said “yes” to finding out what my management and leadership style is, to motivating the team I’m working with, to ensuring everyone has the support they need to do an excellent job.


Saying “yes” instead of “no” is liberating – who knows where it will lead. How do I know I won’t enjoy running workshops unless I try? How do I know if I am any good at strategic planning and management unless I see if I can shine at it? I’m remembering two important things which help – “to thine own self be true” which is the mantra my mother has always used. I have to do it my way.

The other is an interesting point I read – one which I occasionally disagree with – there’s no such thing as balance. I’m never going to be able to have a perfectly balanced life. One thing or another is going to take priority on any given day, week, moment…the key is, my key is, to stop often enough to work out if the focus is in the right place. Sometimes it has to be on work…many other times it needs to be on friends, on books, on solitude, or on Doctor Who…I am seeking solace in books I have read before, rather than new ones. Comfort in familiar words…life is my adventure at the moment and as things settle I will seek new books, new authors…


Oh yeah…the best thing – you can have it “all” but you must define what “all” means for you, and remember, you just can’t usually have it all on the same day. What does having it all mean for you?



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